Amtliche Helden

Serious Game for the German Federal Employment Agency.


STOP is a digital card game that teaches young people skills and knowledge about safer life: player encounters various challenges and situations that arise from real life experiences.

Gadget Island

Story-like learning environment which supports the National Core Curriculum for Pre-primary Education's (2016) aims regarding media literacy and information and communications technology skills.


The main purpose of Cucinerò is to enhance the typical products,
traditionally known, with the intention of involving even the new generations more and
more connected, through the dynamics of the video game.The video game allows you to
create many gastronomic recipes, ... and if you are good you become a real champion of
cooking. Cucinerò is intended for an audience of different age and sex targets, precisely
because of its ease of use. It doesn't require any special skills. You can play for a few
minutes or more, and at the same time the player is rewarded with "merit points" thanks
to the "gastronomic" ability to create more exact recipes.

Municipality management game

Lykkylä is a city management game, in which the player controls and develops a municipality.

Game increases young people's awareness of and interest in social decision-making.

The game is primarily focused on elementary school 9 grade social studies to support the education, it can also be used in high schools and vocational schools.


Dartanan is a classic platform game in a similar style of Nintendo’s classic
Super Mario. The player is a “dwarf” version of D’Artagnan (from Alexander Duma’s
Three Musketeers). The player needs to jump over platforms, kill enemies, avoid traps,
and collect coins, in a quest to to free his penguin friend, who has been captured by a
villain. The main game has three levels, it is fun, fast, and colourful, in order to engage
the players, especially children, who enjoy this particular kind of game. Dartanan uses a
simple gamification technique: the player unlocks a new mini-game after progressing
through each level, with each mini-game focussing on a different aspect of how hearing
aids work. It has the potential for an infinite number of mini‐games that can teach
players on how to calibrate the different settings of their hearing aid (HA) and they can
use this learning to progress through the different levels. For example, by clearing a
mini-game successfully, in the next main game level Dartanan will start with a bonus
(+1 life, fire sword, etc.).