Who we are

Transmuted Games was formed in 2018 by six prominent European game development studios, well established in in the serious/applied games field, for mutual support in international sales and distribution. This co-operation was a direct result of our joint experience with the EU H2020 project ProscialLearn, and more studios have joined Transmuted Games since.

Our name refers to the ancient alchemic practise of transmutation, of course, the turning of something with unrealized value into gold. By introducing proven products to new markets we turn existing education, simulation, training, rehab and health games into gold, for both the customer and the developer, by sharing costs and extending value.

What we do

Transmuted Games is your entry point to a wide network of serious/applied games experts, all over Europe. We increase the reach and distribution power of our individual entities through connected nodes all over the continent. We merge and leverage our respective areas of competence, from games design and platform technology, to the application areas of education, simulation, training, rehab, health and more.

Together we are stronger, organized to customize, adapt and localize efficiently, while assuring top quality, and thus significantly increasing total value for our customers.